The Walk-an excerpt

I believe that of the entire possessions one should strive to have in abundance, if there was only one they could choose, it would and should be that of the emotion, the gift of confidence. Confidence has the innate power to propel you to achieve that which many (perhaps you’d be included amongst the “many” at this time), even most, would consider impossible or at least unrealistically lofty. Nevertheless, when you believe fully in confidence, you trust without reservation the outward highest manifestations of this power-filled word. The word confidence comes from the Latin “confidere” which means to trust, to have faith in. Therefore, to have confidence literally means to have faith in and/or trust in something or someone being true, being real, possessing the “stuff” necessary to get the promised job done, the desired end result. So is confidence something that’s innate, a “cheap thing,” a randomly bestowed gift to a “lucky few?” Fortunately that’s not how it works. If it did, the material changes and gains our world has experienced would have died years ago in a mass grave of “could-have-beens”. The power of confidence is within the grasp of all but all must first know the way of possessing it. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher (born around 384 B.C.) said, I believe correctly that “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.” Wow!!! I don’t know about you but that thrills me when I reflect upon that. That tells me that I have the ultimate control to be and achieve anything my heart desires (again, because they were “factory installed” in me by divine design in the first place) and nothing and no one can stand in my way forever if I simply…..simply what you ask. Well, this is where the fork in the road presents itself. This is where most go astray and sadly never discover their “key,” because to discover it requires one to possess confidence and to be worthy of what she requires for anyone to possess her. Without it, you will never take possession of the key, your key and all the inexpressible blessings associated with it. So here goes.


About walkwiththerabbi

My "Life Purpose" is to mentor people on their personal journey, making continuous progress toward the discovery of their own "Life Purpose" and the attainment of their highest potential. Co-founder of Morning Starr Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill animal sanctuary. Passionate writer/author.
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6 Responses to The Walk-an excerpt

  1. granny1947 says:

    Lovely post.
    Right now I feel as if I have made a huge mistake in my chosen path,
    Hopefully, it will all become clear soon.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment on “The Walk-an excerpt.” I deeply appreciate it. Few things are irreversible! Follow your Unique Ability and you’ll be following your purpose. There are 4 components to Unique Ability. 1) When you are doing your Uunique Ability, everyone around you is energized, 2)You do it effortlessly and others marvel at it, 3)You get better at it continuously and 4) you are profoundly passionate about it. I hope this is helpful. The Walk will be out soon. It will be a powerful resource for you as you continue your journey. Make it an “Ollin” moment, the rest of your life. I look forward to connecting again soon. Shalom.

  2. It’s wonderful how I always stumble on one of your posts when I need to be reminded of something. As always, thank you for writing what is in your heart. You have no idea who you might touch or help with your words.

    • My G-D! Mere words can’t possibly express how your words touch my heart. There is simply no greater joy, than for me to discover how something I wrote or said, made a positive difference in someone’s life. I’m honored. Thank you for sharing this my brother.

  3. I totally agree, it seems so simple, but so hard in practice.

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